Greyscale Sunset

5-19-2006 @ 1:21am

I've got the blog stuff mostly worked out. Need to build and editor so I can go back and edit already posted blogs, then work out the comments section. I hope to have this done by Monday. I would work on it now but, yeah it's late already and I've slept most of the night since I got home. I'm going to go sleep the rest of it away now. *grin*

5-9-2006 @ 9:30am

So I'm trying to get all this together still. I worked out some of the centering issues I think and working on making this look good in resolutions as low as 1024x768. I have realized I need to resize some of my images to make sure they fit inside the content box without going scroll crazy. Also still working on the blog stuff.

Current Media:

Audio CD : Old 97s - Wreck Your Life
Label: Bloodshot Records

I was introduced to the Old 97s almost ten years ago and they always help me kinda forget about the old and bring in the new.